Nicki R.

“I first met Hilani in October 2017 when I first moved to Colorado. We spoke for a great length of time over the phone about my career interests and future objectives. Though at the time she did not have any opportunities, we did end up meeting over coffee so she could talk more about the Denver job market and my goals. The best job advice I ever received was from Hilani on that day, which was not to take the first job that comes along out of desperation. Find a job that resonates well with you and it will lead to more happiness and satisfaction in the job. Hilani checked in with me from time to time just to make sure all was going well with my employment and just to keep in touch.

Unfortunately, I ended up taking a position that did not fulfill me and ultimately exited the position a year later. I then took some time to myself to clear my head and take some time to achieve some personal goals. I started to miss the office environment, which prompted me to reach out to Hilani to reconnect and see if she thought I would be a good fit for any of her open roles. She had a feeling I would be a perfect fit with my experience and personality in a specific role she had available. We met for coffee to chat about the opportunity and she gave some sound interview advice. After two rounds of interviews, I ended up receiving an offer for that amazing opportunity. Her intuition was spot on, and I feel that I will be very happy in my new role. 

I’ve worked with recruiters in the past and always felt like a new toy to a puppy until some new resume came across their desk. It can be a bit discouraging being built up just to be let down with larger recruiting companies. Knowing my past experience with Hilani and how she was always offering advice and encouragement along the way spoke volumes about how she is no ordinary recruiter. Hilani spends a considerable amount of time fostering the relationship with candidates and employers to make sure she finds the right person for the right job. Without hesitation, I would whole-heartedly recommend Exceptional Admins for both employers and job seekers.”


Hilani Ellis