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Hilani Ellis - Founder | Specialized Headhunter

Her Credentials

Exceptional Admins (EA) came about when executives asked me to support their efforts in finding their next admin. I’m a retired Executive Assistant leveraging my years of experience in Los Angeles supporting people in the entertainment industry, including a celebrity, and supporting a CEO of a PE firm in Denver. Past clients, who I've been blessed to work with have coined me the CEO Assistant Matchmaker. I earned my nickname because I’m able to recognize the compatibility between two employees, and my dedication, knowledge, and placement approach goes beyond the character of a traditional recruiter. My placement assignments have been with CEOs and executives from VC and PE firms, top real estate developers, and companies in the tech industry.

Applying my first-hand mastery and more than a decade of experience as an administrative professional the placement process is more curated and effective. I believe and have witnessed the valuable impact a great admin provides. I provide both the client and the candidate an unparalleled approach that’s personal, comprehensive, and practical. Through a proactive process, I'm able to identify the needs of my client(s) and place each candidate effectively. My placement technique not only matches my clients with a suitable admin, but it also provides the clients with productivity advantages as well as a higher employee retention rate.

In closing, I’m an up-and-coming ambassador for the profession, building solid relationships and networking with like-minded professionals. I firmly believe in each candidate I come across, and while I know I can't help everyone receive better career opportunities or higher paying roles, I can continue to inspire and uplift those I'm blessed to meet.

When I'm not making memories with my husband and kids, I can be found doing Pilates, skiing, reading leadership books, volunteering at Dress For Success, or mentoring entrepreneurs at Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute. Things not mentioned on my resume: I love historical architecture, I collect unique mugs, and my energy radiates like New York City.

Past client list available upon request

Do you know what kind of exceptional admin you need? In this 20-minute podcast episode, Hilani decodes, advises, and guides the audience on how to discover your next great Admin.

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Nicole Scott - Executive Business Assistant

Among many qualities, a successful Executive Assistant needs to be naturally proactive and embody a thoughtful mindset where your goal with each task is to tackle it in an effective manner. Nicole’s background offers several entrepreneurial environments and situations where she navigated her day to day tasks autonomously. She’s worked alongside top Real Estate agents and distinguished individuals in the Government sector. Her role at Exceptional Admins, LLC is instrumental to each candidate and client partnership. In her role as Executive Business Assistant, she’s tackling a wide range of responsibilities that not only support the founder and her goals, but the high-end services we offer our candidates and clients. Things not found on her resume: she loves her new puppy and two cats, trivia night with friends, and would give you the coat off her back if you needed it.

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Nicole Smith - Client Relations Specialist

Supporting clients and providing exceptional service is Nicole’s day to day focus. Taking her love for accounting and finance and positively supporting the small business community is why she gets up each day. In partnership with Scaled Strategies, Nicole’s boutique accounting firm, she supports all things finance at Exceptional Admins, LLC. Working with our clients in a white-glove manner and supporting all accounting activities, such as invoicing, forecasting, and budgets, her role is instrumental to the day to day and the future growth of the company. Things not found on her resume: her current venture is her second start-up, she’s passionate about healthy eating, and lives each day with a patient mindset.