Ana E.

“I met Hilani a little under a year before I was ready to commit to a career change. Throughout the time of meeting, up until now, she never forgot about me and kept in touch just enough for me to know that she was there and still thinking about me and my needs when I was ready. Her care and professionalism is unprecedented. From beginning to end, she makes you feel heard, respected, and appreciated. Transition is tough sometimes, especially in this role where you build a partnership with an individual, but she makes the change worthwhile, smooth, and almost effortless because the end result is something truly amazing. She cares about finding the perfect fit for both the EA, and the Executive no matter how long it takes. You never feel pressured to take a leap when you don't feel like the fit isn’t correct, and she works relentlessly to find out what is going to work for you and your future. I am eternally grateful for her partnership and the relationship I built with her, and the fit that she found for me. I could not imagine a more perfect outcome. “

- ANA E.

Hilani Ellis