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Exceptional Admins has a distinct advantage due to its established network of administrative professionals.

Positions of focus:

Chief of Staff / Operations Manager / Office Manager / Executive Assistant / Administrative Assistant / Personal Assistant / Receptionist



In applying first-hand knowledge and a proactive approach, the client can experience higher retention and productivity advantages. 

  • Leveraging over 10 years of experience as an administrative professional in a variety of industries.
  • Being a peer and having an established admin network, the candidate selection has a distinct advantage offering a unique candidate pool. 
  • Candidates are identified as career seekers not job seekers. 
  • The focus is to match executives with like-minded candidates so a strategic partnership develops. 

When engaged with ea, the services provided during the vetting process are:

  • Create a comprehensive job description
  • Extensive and strategic vetting, which includes discovering critical thinking and written communication abilities
  • Prior to client, meet each fitting candidate in person
  • Provide client with 3 - 4 fitting candidates
  • Create offer letter, etc...
  • Create a successful onboarding plan

Let's grow your business team.



It's common that small and medium size businesses lack the right resources and time to effectively onboard employees.  While the quality of the candidates are exceptional, and they are skilled in onboarding themselves, having extra resources and support can help streamline the process.

  • 30- to 60-day objective list creation for new employee
  • Executive(s) dossier formation for new employee
  • HR document templates for organization, etc...

Make that first step count.



This applies to both the client and candidate categories:

CLIENT: Due to the unconventional questions asked in the initial meeting, ea is able to identify current responsibilities and those forthcoming. In discovering the now and future demands, ea is better equipped to identify someone who's an immediate fit as well as one that can grow with the executive/company.

  • Unique interview questions are provided to the executive/team
  • Post interviews, additional dialogue occurs to support the decision making process
  • Extra support and guidance are available to the executive and company when building out new employee goals and objectives

CANDIDATE: Through the relationship building process, candidates discuss the reason for switching employers, ways to enhance their resume, and interviewing tips for both marketing themselves and asking effective questions during the interview.

  • Discussions around evolving ones career
  • Resume enhancements
  • Interviewing and personal marketing support
  • How to interview the hiring company effectively

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