Enriching the client experience and increasing employee retention.




By applying first-hand knowledge and a proactive placement approach, our clients can experience higher retention rates, and experience increased productivity. Here is why EA is different from traditional recruiters:

  • EA leverages over ten years of experience in the administrative professional in a variety of industries.

  • Since Hilani is a peer, and she understands the profession, her experience accelerates the candidate-headhunter relationship making the whole process  more meticulous and candid.

  • We identify our candidates as career seekers, not job seekers.

  • We learn about the executive(s) and match like-minded candidates to those executives.

When engaged with EA, we individualize our services to provide the best partnership:

  • We work together to create a comprehensive job description.

  • We vet each candidate strategically, analyzing each candidate for strong communication and critical thinking skills.

  • We meet all of our candidates in person before we make a formal client-candidate introduction.

  • We provide each client with three to four fitting candidates.

  • We support the formalization of an offer letter.

  • We create a successful onboarding plan.


Let's grow your business team.



It's common that small and medium-size businesses are without the right resources and time to effectively onboard employees.  Streamlining the onboarding process can enhance the new team member's integration into his or her new role. EA supports the onboarding process by helping create such a plan:

  • Create a thirty to sixty-day onboarding roadmap for the new employee and executive(s).

  • Form an (optional) executive(s) dossier for new employee.


Make that first step count.



CLIENT: Because of the unconventional questions we asked in the initial meeting, EA can identify current responsibilities as well as forthcoming responsibilities. By discovering immediate and future demands, EA is better equipped to identify someone who is an immediate fit as well as one who can grow with the executive/company. In traditional recruiting, recruiters have limitations.  With EA, a client can experience a holistic partnership, from beginning to end:

  • We provide the executive/team with unique interview questions.

  • We support the decision-making process after the interview by providing additional dialogue.

  • We support and guide the executive and the hiring company when building out the new employee’s goals and objectives.


Throughout the relationship-building process candidates discuss the reason they are switching employers; we discuss ways to enhance their resume, and we also discuss interviewing tips for marketing themselves during the interview. Today’s career search leaves many people without an immediate resource to help steer them down a successful path. When working with EA, a candidate will have professional support with the following:

  • Ever-evolving career discussions

  • Enhancing one’s resume

  • Interviewing and personal marketing support

  • Transitioning from the hiring process to employment


Be your best you with fresh ideas.