Understanding the Administrative Profession [Podcast]

How to train an executive assistant

Understanding the Administrative Profession…and how we have evolved is the focus. We are so much more than the secretary represented in Mad Men. We deal with things at 3:00am and sometimes with no support so Google becomes our back up to G.S.D.

I was invited by Jeff Hyman, of Strong Suit, to discuss my profession as it’s very near and dear to my heart. His podcast offers a depth of knowledge and information from leading movers and shakers in the recruiting space. Each episode runs around 20-minutes which as you can imagine is not enough time to cover a profession that needs so much decoding.

Key points:

  • We do more than just book meetings and arrange travel…did you know that?

  • HR professionals wear so many hats that they are at a disadvantage when the ‘call’ arrives, “We need an Admin.”

  • There are unicorns (i.e. top admins) out there, do you know how to discover them during the interviewing process?

Find below a summary of the show and click through to hear the powerful collaboration.

Happy Listening…

Someone that’s an Executive Assistant through and through (i.e. passionate about the executives initiatives and helping someone propel forward) will not be fully fulfilled in an Office Manager role...
— Hilani Ellis, Specialized Headhunter | Founder, Exceptional Admins, LLC

Author: Hilani Ellis is a retired executive assistant leveraging over a decade of time on the ground / in the game supporting executives both in the Los Angeles Entertainment industry and Private Equity space. She’s since transitioned to help both executives and Admins find their fit so powerful things happen and organizations thrive.