Tomorrow's workforce...Generation Z


My business (ExceptionalAdmins) puts me in front of varying personalities and age ranges but for gender, it's 90% female. Since January of 2017, I've had the pleasure of connecting with over 1,800 professionals from varying experiences. It wasn't until most recently, while vetting for a junior role, I engaged with recent grads and discovered something...there's a new mindset entering the workforce. I took it upon myself to discover more about Gen Z not only for business purposes but because I'm also raising one.

VIDEO: Goldman Sachs produced a great video on this generation

ARTICLE: Wikipedia has a great article on Generation Z

STUDY: Jimmy Fallon's experience while filming an episode in 2014

WALLSTREET STORY: "...they have a clear understanding that the key to success is hard work"

Gen Z.png
Generation Z.png

Utilizing my recent experiences + data found on the web, I concur with the last 5 Gen Z characteristics mentioned in the above list. My phone calls have been different, the willingness has been refreshing, and the intelligence has been thought provoking.

CALL TO ACTION: I inspire entrepreneurs scaling a business or business leaders running an established business, take a moment and stop to 'smell the roses' i.e. observe the change that's coming. Inspire (or demand) your HR team members to take a few hours a week to read articles about the next cohort of employees. It is this that will help with retention and help businesses thrive.