The word "Executive Assistant" submitted to Merriam-Webster


The word "Executive Assistant" submitted to Merriam-Webster

Executive Assistant - An Executive Secret Weapon to getting the Job Done

Administrative Professionals day is this week (April 25, 2018), and due to curiosity and business development reasons, I took it upon myself to look up definitions for “Executive & Administrative Assistant” via Merriam-Webster online dictionary…and guess what I discovered?

Administrative Assistant (AA) has a definition BUT Executive Assistant (EA) does not, and it's not even listed – gaspThe description for AA was extremely vague, and when results appeared for “did you mean…” for EA, only one was close, “Executive Secretary”.  Upon reviewing that definition, which was also vague and mislabeled, I felt heavily compelled to accept the following mission…get EA in the dictionary and expand on both definitions to truly endorse what we do and publicly share with the world who we are and the impact we make.


Below is a screen shot of my submission…#awesomesauce, now we wait…

EA Dictionary.JPG

Wishing all admins across the globe a great day where you should personally reflect and stand proud for what you do every day and the positive impact you make to both the lives you support and the organizations you work within.


Hilani - Founder, Exceptional Admins, LLC

**Update as of 9/30/2018 - no word yet from Merriam-Webster on whether or not the word will be included in the dictionary. And after doing a search, it has yet to be added. (Gasp). A deeper mission than I thought.