Do you know what kind of Exceptional Admin you need?

ea approach.JPG's 40% of the work Exceptional Admins, LLC does when partnering with a client.  WHY...executives and human resources professionals are without a clear understanding that supports the hiring objective. The corporate world offers limited information and insight into how Executive Assistants support executives today. It takes an expert from the profession and one who engages with a lot of admins, with varying backgrounds, to decode and properly identify what’s possible…and what you ultimately need.

The biggest misconception is an EA, is an EA, is an EA…meaning, they are all the same…this is false.


1) Job Descriptions online only capture 60% of what they 'think' they need - therefore, they use the interviewing process to figure it out…not a great talent acquisition process.

2) The executive has had limited exposure to a diverse Executive Assistant so what they ‘think’ they need doesn’t always align with what they truly need.

3) Executives believe they just need someone to take over the minutiae and everything will be great…but, an Executive Assistant, who’s a strategic business partner at heart, not only takes over tasks but also helps an executive propel forward - did you know that?

4) From the lens of top executive assistants, the biggest turn off during the interviewing process is the lack of clarity and explanation of the responsibilities over and above core tasks, i.e. calendaring, travel, and expense reporting.

Each week, I have over 30 new touch points with administrative professionals. Each admin is on their own path to their next great role, and I learn so much about their adventures both good and bad. Sadly, more bad than good. The bad being, they hear from recruiters (remember, Specialized Headhunter is the name of the game at EA, LLC), internal hiring managers and so on about a great role yet they are without a great explanation on how that role will be valued, how this person will make an impact, and so on. Lastly, once the candidate meets with the executive (and I'm hearing 5 rounds before this occurs), s/he is all over the place with what s/he wants or needs producing a red flag to the possible top talent sitting in front of you.

In closing, my mission, even more so then when the company was founded (2015 and placement stats), is to help executives clearly identify their needs and what the right match would be to achieve their hiring goal + help them professionally and personally evolve.


Hilani Ellis

Specialized Headhunter | Retired Executive Assistant

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