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Building a Strategic Business Partnership with your Administrative Professional

 Back in October of 2017, I was invited to moderate a panel on a very important topic – Building a Strategic Relationship; it was a huge honor.  I took the position seriously, because I wanted the 40 administrative professionals attending the conference to feel empowered and uplifted...

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Dear Executive, Congrats on the new admin hire…now what?

 Dear Executive,

“Congratulations, you’ve successfully hired an Exceptional Admin…now what?”

You’ve completed the vetting process and a well-rounded match is being welcomed to the organization, and into your world. Consider the following list as inspiration to help you successfully...

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3 "tricks" every admin professional should consider implementing

Traditional networking, that being in-person, can be a very powerful activity, especially when it’s with people of the same profession. When I'm networking with other admins I make it a point to ask the same question, “What are your three favorite tricks?”.

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