Best cover letter strategy

Best Cover Letter

The.Struggle.Is.Real - the resume and cover letter.

For those that know me, or have interacted with me, you've heard me say, "If I had to redo my resume and craft a cover'd find me in the corner, in the fetal position, rocking back and forth." And with that, you still won't find me paying someone to do it - I'm a firm believer you need to do your own resume, and cover letter. (I can hear the faint sound of many "booooo’s").

The ROI when doing it yourself is amazing. You become 1 with your strengths and can better articulate them in an interview. You 'own' the layout and flow of the documents therefore, showcasing an example of how you organize information on paper. Lastly, you display dedication to your career because you invested time towards 'marketing' yourself (this is the gem; grit).

As for cover letters, I'm not a fan but if you must do one this article is exactly what I advise candidates. It's the [hook] to grab their attention, show some personality and gain an additional 10 seconds of their eyes to peruse the resume and decide if you have the [IT] factor.

Good Luck!


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