Typewriter no more, the evolution of the admin profession


It started in the late 30’s with the secretary, a woman who could be found typing diligently on her Hermes 3000 typewriter, while also routing phone calls to the appropriate person. She had a knack for shorthand and utilized it when necessary. She constructed beautifully formatted documents from her notes and took great pride in her work.  Her documents would have rolled edges, precise formatting, and correction fluid, i.e. white-out, was nowhere to be found. The typical secretary was posed in disposition, a great listener, and one that had strong knowledge of the office. Fast-forward to today, the #administrative #profession has seen much growth and expansion. The profession still holds many classic behaviors, but the responsibility load has evolved from a short list of tasks to one that’s more diverse and multifaceted. Due to the expansion it became necessary for the profession to establish a collection of positions. One that’s often found on an org chart, of any size company, is the executive assistant (“EA”).  An EA can support a variety of responsibilities ranging from general business transactions to handling delegated tasks for their executive(s).  It’s important that the individual filling the role exhibit certain characteristics considering the relevance of the position. The person, whether male or female, should have intellectual attributes but also some unconventional qualities. The admin role interacts with a number of departments, and many different personalities, so having strong interpersonal skills is essential. The individual will be required to gauge people’s moods and appropriately label intentions.  Furthermore, once a person decides they are going to pursue a career as an admin, he/she might as well file for a name change because Organized will be their new middle name. Being very organized means one has exceptional productivity habits which usually equates to the person being reliable.

Businesses are able to experience growth when the administrative workload is supported and absorbed by a well-rounded individual. With proper #placement, the individual filling the position can be viewed as the secret weapon to ‘getting things done’ and often at times adopt the nickname clairvoyant. The administrative profession has a very bright future and will forever be in demand.  The growth opportunity in this profession makes it attractive for those looking to be challenged, plus, long-term job security can take place when great synergy occurs between an admin and their boss.  An exceptional #admin can play a large role in how an organization thrives which makes the administrative profession a very rewarding career.