Hilani Ellis

Her Credentials

Exceptional Admins (EA) came about when executives sourced my help when placing their next admin.  The executives in which I've been blessed to work with have coined me, the “CEO Assistant Matchmaker”.  My dedication and approach to each placement make the nickname fitting.

EA is a boutique placement firm that solely focuses on placing administrative professionals.  First-hand knowledge and experience in the profession make the placement process more effective.  I leverage my passion for the profession and over 10 years' of experience as an administrative professional.  Furthermore, since I believe in the valuable impact a great admin offers, I provide both the client and candidate an unparalleled approach that’s personal, comprehensive, and practical.

Through a proactive process, I'm able to identify the needs of my client(s) and place effectively.  My placement technique provide clients productivity advantages and higher employee retention.

I believe in building solid relationships and networking with like-minded people.  So, as an up-and-coming ambassador for the profession, I firmly believe in each candidate I come across and while I know I can't help everyone receive better career opportunities or higher-paying jobs, I can continue to inspire and uplift those I'm blessed to meet.

When I'm not making memories with my husband and kids, I can be found running, skiing, reading leadership books or volunteering at Dress For Success.